10+ Different Underplates for Sale

Underplates or some places known as charger plates are larger Plates either made with Plastic, melamine or stainless steel to dress us special events like parties and events. Underplates or charger plates have been used from the 19th century. Open the following link to view more interesting read on underplate Wikipedia . We are the leading underplate suppliers in Johannesburg, wholesaler of wooden underplates, wholesaler of Gold underplates and we also have Clear underplates for Sale.

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Contrasting Underplates with Draping Material

The flow of colours in an event venue plays an important part in any wedding, party or function. From the entrance hall to the stage, from the lighting to the table setting everything plays a pivotal role in create the ambiance of joy, the atmosphere of happiness. When creating that ideal atmosphere events specialist or event coordinators tend to contra the drapes with table setting . Ideally the Charger plates or commonly known in south Africa as Underplates.

Underplates Pictures

Size of Standard Plastic Underplates

The usual plastic charger plates or underplates are 33cm allowing an elegant and stunning highlight of your Dinner and Side plates creating an awesome correlation of sizes at a guest seating.

Youtube Video on Table Setting and Using Charger Underplates

These are awesome images of Charger underplates used at  weddings across South Africa.

Different Types of Underplates

We are largest wholesaler of  charger underplates under one roof. We stock Plastic underplates, melamine underplates, stainless steel underplates, clear underplates and more . Why shop elsewhere when you can everything under one roof at the best possible prices in South Africa.