Fabric and Textile Wholesalers

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At Our Store we wholesale a multitude of fabrics for the manufacturing sector and the end use, for Wedding Events Decor, Coffins in Funeral Parlors, Bed Linen for Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels and Lodges, Garment manufacturers in small to Big clothing Chains, Marketing companies in Branding, Home industries use in Bags, Clothing, Ironing Board covers and religious garments ie cloaks, Abayas, Kurthas etc.


We pride ourself in sourcing out the best quality fabrics at the most competitive prices.

A email copy of sample chart can be forwarded to you on request.

  • 150cm Ponjee Lining
  • 150cm dress dafetta
  • 150cm superfine tafetta lining
  • 115cm Polyester cotton lining
  • Traditional Fabrics such as ingwe, Kangas( amabhai)…
  • Canvas , seed cloth for paining and lining
  • Calico, Sheeting for burial puposes
  • Hassian
  • Nylon Lycra
  • Abaya Fabrics
  • Tactal Fabrics
  • Bon Bon Fabrics
  • Georgette
  • Chiffon
  • Bridal fabrics
  • Nylon Tulle
  • Stretch Satin
  • Lamei
  • Ponjee lining
  • Polyester Cotton
  • Upholstery Vinyl Leather
  • Clear Plastic
  • Chair ties
  • Overlays
  • Power Mesh
  • Hessian
  • Haberdashery
  • Multi Colored Rachael Lace
  • stay-flex
  • Schwe Shwe Print
  • braiding
  • curtain rods and accessories
  • trimmings
  • design times rods
  • papini trading rods and wallpaper
  • fish net and Horse Hair
  • Mini Matt
  • Crushed Velour
  • Curtain Warp Net Lining
  • Table Damask
  • Cotton Knitt
  • Flannel
  • Polar Fleece
  • Coral Fleece
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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. Queen Uushona

    Can you show the different types of fabrics

    1. admin@decor-essentials.co.za

      What fabrics are you looking for?

  2. Queen Uushona

    For table cloths and overlays

  3. Siba

    Do you guys have terelyne?

    1. admin@decor-essentials.co.za

      Good day.yes.
      We sell it and we call its a wharpknitt 3 meter lining.
      It has pin hole in it, used by caterers and decor companies for stage, hall and wall draping.

  4. Siba

    How much is a metre? Id also like to know how much your curtain lining (nylon) is per metre… the one used for walls and backdrops.

    1. admin@decor-essentials.co.za

      19.95 warp knitt lining 3meters wide. It is a net finish.

    2. admin@decor-essentials.co.za

      As at todays Price (4/4/16) the roll Price is R19.95 per meter roll price

  5. tarryn

    where are you situated? I’m looking for leather vinyl/pleather in black. about 29m in total. I’m a start up bag manufacturer and looking for a long term relationship with a supplier. this is my trial run for feasibility so i really need the best price on vinyl.
    can i come and see yours?

    1. admin@decor-essentials.co.za

      We are situated in Durban, overport .we currently out of stock but would have on the 1st week march

    2. admin@decor-essentials.co.za

      We are based in Durban , Overport.

  6. Luleka Mdelwa

    would like to know that do you do the deliveries in other provinces like Eastern cape mthatha how much is it cause am interested in making an other to you but i dont have a transport my number is 0735051504
    thank you

    1. Ishaak Bassa

      Price of delivery depends on Weight and dimension of the parcel.
      Would only know courier chargers once delivered, courier chargers cod?
      The decor Essentials Team

    2. Ishaak Bassa

      We delivery via courier companies to your Door in Eastern Cape Countrywide.
      The Courier we mostly use to your door, is Bigfoot, Avcres, Five star logistics.
      Courier chargers to your area is paid on delivery.
      Kind regards.
      The Decor Essentials Team.

  7. Leatitia Fouche

    Where are you situated. We are interested in bon bon material and lace to manufacturer infinity dresses.

    1. Ishaak Bassa

      We have closed our retail store and now wholesale and Manufacture catering and decor Products.
      Please inbox me your inquiry at decor.essentialsza@gmail.com.
      Kind regards.
      The Decor Essentials Sales Team.

  8. vina gordon

    Good morning I just want to know what is the length of the ponjee lining, as well as how many meters are on a roll and how much does a roll cost, and if I order how long will it take to deliver for me in Pretoria.

    1. Ishaak Bassa

      Hi Vina.
      You recently inquired on fabrics.
      Please drop us an email to decor.essentialsza@gmail.com and our sales team would gladly assist.

      Ponjee is 150cm width, R9.95 per meter
      Kind regards.
      Ishaak Bassa

      The Decor Essentials Sales Team

  9. Jacky

    Hi do you stock Bridal Organza

  10. Olivia

    Hi there im in durban looking for isle stands,best material to use for drapping,table clothes round tables napkins..and also to know if you have drapping poles aand fairy lights..i would appreciate if i can get assistance soon my whats app no. 0744985143 with qoatation

    1. Ishaak Bassa

      Good day.
      Thank you for your inquiry in our Products. Please advise on Quantity, and colours.

      Kindly forward us your inquiry to decor.essentialsza@gmail.com and we would forward you a competitive Quote.

      We are the leading suppliers to the Catering and Decor Industry and would love to be your Supplying catering and decor Partner of choice.

      Kind regards.
      Ishaak Bassa
      The Decor Essentials Sales Team.

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