Ordering from decor essentials is simple.

Step 1. Find something you like, example table Cloth or Draping Fabrics. Now Choose the colour you maybe interested. Visit the Sample Chart Tab at the top .

Step 2.Click Request a Quote, Please mention the Quantity and colour number you see in the chart. Please be aware of the minimum order quantity , Draping fabrics black and white is 50 meter, Colours are 70 meter rolls.Also please mention deadline date.

Step 3. You would receive a Quote shortly thereafter , should you not receive any response within 3 to 24 hours, please contact 0828712929 or 0614925009, Perhaps our server is down or your email was sent to spam.

Step 4. Please Make the the necessary Deposit amount required to start your order found on the Quote.Please allow 7 to 14 working days for your order to be dispatched , depending on the size of your order. Please add cash deposit fee should you deposit cash in the account. Cheque deposit would not be allowed as this would further delay your order which would be out of hands.

Step 5. Please insist on the Proof of dispatch or the way bill details to confirm goods has left timeously ,

Disclaimer: Bassatronics, its members, Decor Essentials , would not be held responsible should the Colour not be the correct colour, or shade and Would not be liable should there be delays for package not arrive in time due to any reason , ie Transportation delayed.