Ponjee Draping Lining

Ponjee Lining is made of 100 % Polyester woven fabric.The width of of which is 150cm. Countries of origin is China and Taiwan. We have upto 69 fantastic Colours to choose from .The decor industry uses them in creating a lovely ceiling drape from the centre of the hall or conference centre venue to the corners of the venue.
Let you imagination run wild and Let Our Team help You in making Lots of Money in events decor industry.

3mt Warp Knitt lining 

Also Called 3mt Nylon lining , is used for the backdrop of a stage or wall of the wedding, Party or events decor venue .
Found in 4 basic colours .
Trilobal Stretch .
Used also for backdrop .gives a more weight and appeal to the event however a slightly exclusive option .

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