Chair Covers for Sale

Chair Covers have since been used to cover plastic chairs for Wedding and Events. Being it used for that Special Wedding Ceremonies or that Special fortieth Birthday Party it has been used. South African has used our Chair covers in all traditional Events. Also read the page by wikipedia for indept incite on Chaircovers also known as Slipcover .

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Who are We?

We are the leading wholesaler of chair covers for wedding plastic catering chairs, zama zama chair, ancorna, and conference banqueting chairs.We supply to all the Bed and Breakfast, Conference Venue Centres, Wedding Decor Specialist, Catering companies and others in the decor field.We have supplied Across south African  and all boarder countries. Trilobal with Chairties creating a comfortable yet elegant atmosphere .The combination of contrasting colour and fragrance of Flowers on the Table Settings , a perfect yet elegant unforgettable Wedding or party that would be remembered and cherished . See also About us.

Choice of Chair Cover Fabric Options?

Our chair covers are manufactured with premium quality Trilobal stretch Fabrics. We custom make the covers to fit to perfection.We now make chair covers in the following fabrics:

  1. trilobal stretch chair covers
  2. Four way stretch covers
  3. Lycra Chair covers
  4.  Velour chaircovers
  5. Linen None Stretch Fabric( Rarely used in SA)
  6. Birds Eye Fabric ( tiny pin hole Fabric also called Moisture management fabric)

Our Customers and What they Have to Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What size Chair covers do we manufacture ?

We manufacture Chair covers for :

  1. Standard Plastic Chairs ( Catering Chairs, Bristo, Ancorna,Party Chairs)
  2. Conference Steel Chairs with cushion backrest
  3. Wimbledon Chairs Style Conference Banquet Chairs
  4. Conference Chairs to Your Specifications (Sample Required )
  5. Indaba Chairs, Zama Zama Chair ( lower Back Rest, Bigger Seating Area)

2.What are Chair Cover Pockets and How does it Help?

Chair Covers come without pockets on all Standard Chair covers unless requested and Charged for at an additional Price. Chair cover pockets are found at the bottom of the chair cover. Its a kind of a sock that hold the chair covers down to prevent it from lifting. There are pros and Cons for Pockets. The Pros , The chair cover is held firmly and prevent lifting. The Cons– The chair cover does not last long as the pockets eventually over time gets worn and goes black with dirt with constant friction with the ground . On some Occasions the chair legs pierce through the pockets. However we usually advise these pockets to be inserted on all conference chairs.

3. What Colours do we Manufacture our Chair Covers in?

We manufacture Chair Covers with Trilobal Fabrics( see also Draping Material) in more than 45 colours. Please visit our Sample Charts pages for Colour Option. 

4. Do Your’ll manufacture Kiddies Chair Covers?

Yes we do. Please visit our Kiddies Decor Page

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Please feel free to open the testimonial page to view what our client got to say about us.

Please visit our sample chart page to select the colour of your choice :

Kiddies Covers on Sale

Decor Essentials has the widest range of Kiddies Chair cover in South Africa. We manufacture kiddies chair cover in 46 amazing colour made to fit jolly Chairs and sunny chairs. Please view our kiddies chair cover page for more information.

First Step in Ordering at Decor Essentials Catering and Decor Supplier

  1. Request our Price list and Catalogue and See our Awesome Linen, Chair covers, Wedding Furniture, Astro Turf, Draping Fabrics, Chairs, Chairties, Tables and More…
  2. Request a Competitive Quote from Decor Essentials Catering and Decor Supplies.
  3. Make Payment via Eft or Credit card payment via our Decor Essentials Online ordering Website.
  4. Email proof of Payment, allow Clearance time to our Standard bank account if payment had been done from another bank.
  5. Please emphasize your deadline date.
  6. Once the order is ready to be dispatched kindly advise on the courier of choice or if you would like us to select a courier on your behalf.(Delivery across South Africa and Across Africa via road or Air freight ).
  7. Once you have received your order Please check and give us feedback on the level of service you have experienced.

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