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  1. Ntombi

    I would like hear advice from you I have event by October and it will be my first wedding event

  2. Bongi

    Lates wedding ideas

  3. Jena

    Good day, I am planning a 10th year anniversary with close friends and family,80 guest in total, in my backyard since i have a huge space. I am looking forward to any ideas. The problem that i have right now I cannot find the venue for the long weekend of September its packed, so that is why I want to do it in my back yard since I’ve got a huge space with flower garden an tree’s.

    1. Ishaak Bassa

      Good day.
      Thank you for your inquiry for ideas on a Backyard Anniversary Party.
      Please do inbox me, My name is Ishaak Bassa, i would love to give you some ideas.

      Kindly forward us your inquiry to and we would be more than glad to assist.

      We are the leading suppliers to the Catering and Decor Industry and would love to be your Supplying catering and decor Partner of choice.

      Kind regards.
      Ishaak Bassa
      The Decor Essentials Sales Team.

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