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Draping Fabrics

Draping a hall or a venue is the most important part of an events. Stunning shades of drapes contouring the hall or tent to create that special event with that special jovial atmosphere. 

There are many types of Draping style and Draping fabrics and techniques used however the basics are draping background of your venue such as the tent or hall walls and creating curtain style swags over it. 

For the draping swags you would use any fabric that gives a natural flow and feel which would create a flawless effect . 

There are a few options of fabrics that are usually used by draping company and decor companies alike such as :

1.Ponjee lining drapes which has a width of 150 centimeters and are used for either ceiling strip draping, hall or stage background drapes, tent wall drapes and scallop drapes. 

2. Three meter Nylon curtain draping lining is used for the wall or background drapes for the event. Curtain nylon lining has a slight sheen with fine pin holes in it. 

3. There are many more other fabrics which are used. I will explain about this in future write ups.

The basics of Draping :

Step 1. 

1.Measure your hall or venue. Lenght multiplied by width.

2. Multiple your answer by two for four sided drapes. 

3. Multiply answer by two for equal gathers. This would create that full effect needed. 

4. To get your final answer you must know what draping fabric you are using. If it’s a 150cm Ponjee fabric width or something similar devide the answer by 2. This would let you know how many panels or pieces is needed to be cut. steps your answer from previous multiplied by height or drop of Hall would be total fabric used in total venue for the wall drapes. 

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