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Artificial Grass for Sale or synthetic grass and also known as Turf has been the new Mr and Mrs Jones choice for their backyard lawn replacement project in South Africa. Artificial grass lush green texture and volume rejuvenates your home aesthetics and increases the value of your residential property .We are the Artificial Grass Supplier of choice in South Africa and all African countries.Read more on Artificial grass on Wikipedia and how it can improve your Lifestyle.

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Why Install Artificial Fake Grass?

Avoid the muddy and horrible garden weed problems. South African unpredictable temperature and weather condition doesn’t allow for all year round blissful garden. No reason to pull your Hair rather the weeds from your garden. Buy Fake Artificial Grass Today.

But you’re probably wondering:

Decor Essentials Artificial grass (also known as AstroTurf, Fake Grass and Synthetic Grass) is here at ridiculous prices. Nowadays with advanced technology, artificial lawns look and feel incredibly realistic and can solve many garden owners woes without the stress each month.

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Artificial grass has been around for many years now and is becoming more and more popular with pet owners, school play areas and sports pitches. Almost Maintenance free lawn all year round.

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low maintenance ARTIFICIAL grass

Having artificial grass installed in your garden comes with some great advantages – such as spending more time playing with your family or having a braai rather than mowing and weeding your garden.

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Dogs, cats and other pets love to play in the garden, but often end up making a mess of the lawn and bring mud back into the house. With artificial grass gardens, pets will love to stretch out and roll around in the luxury real grass feel. There’s also a huge advantage when it comes to toilet time with staining and smells. Pets will happily ‘do their business’ on it and our artificial grass is permeable, allowing pet urine to drain through and faeces to be removed easily. The artificial grass fibres will remain completely undamaged, as all is needed is a quick clean.

Please read article by Wiki How to clean Your artificial grass.

Cape Town no water Crisis Does not Affect Astro Turf Fake Grass Owners

The water crisis in Cape Town has reached critical stages with Day Zero looming closer. For those who have or considering to install Astro turf instead of lawn would be saved from the dry grass and bald patches in your outdoor garden. For Cape Town Water restrictions click the link and view the advise from the Cape town municipality.

Artificial Grass For Your Home

They can be in the back or front garden, on terraces, balconies and roof gardens, perfect for all year round relaxing and entertaining.

Perfect For Sports

Our artificial grass is perfect for Golf, Rugby, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey and much more. For those who are hiring out indoor soccer pitches this is an ideal investment.

ARTIFICIAL grass for weddings and events

We are the Leading supplier to Tent companies and events conference centre and party and wedding planners . We pride ourself in wholesaling in large quantities of fake grass across Africa with the events industry.

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How to Install Artificial Grass Instructions

  1. Remove Existing Turf and Dig Out Soil. …
  2. Weed Suppressing Membrane Laid Down. …
  3. Thin Layer of Crushed Rock Goes Down on Top. …
  4. Smooth Surface of Soil with Wooden Screed. …
  5. Shock Absorbent Material is Optional Step. …
  6. Adhesive Used to Secure Artificial Turf. …
  7. Remove Existing Turf and Dig Out Soil. …
  8. Align Grass to Corner to Square Turf.

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How to Install Astro Turf Youtube Video

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We courier :
  • Astro Turf Suppliers Johannesburg,
  • Astro turf Suplier Pretoria,
  • Astro Turf Supliers in Cape Town
  • we supply astro turf throughout South Africa.

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